Landscape Version

Portrait Version

During the development of the project I had the opportunity to work on the intro cinematic for the game. After the initial art meeting, we knew that we wanted it to be a set of illustrations with subtle parallax animations. From the very start, I blocked in the animations with the earliest sketches, which allowed me to look at the images and ensure they worked in motion, not just as stills. This earliest version of the animation was sent off to the composer and voice actor, allowing us to create the audio and the visuals in collaboration.

Another interesting problem was that the animation had to be made for both landscape and portrait mode. This meant that a lot of thought had to be put into composing the images and animations, to work in radically different aspect ratios.

The cinematic presents new characters and new landscapes, which all needed to be designed.  I was also responsible for all the post production compositing and vfx, both of which were done in Adobe After Effects. I collaborated with my Art Director on the final layer of polish on the images.


Illustrator and concept artist